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Why is dieting so miserable?

It all has to do with the set point theory. I hate to break it to you (and my former self), but it turns out – we have much less control over our body size than the diet and fitness industry would like us to believe. Ever heard of homeostasis? The human body keeps many things within a small window, like body temperature, blood pH, blood sugar, and our weight! What’s my set point weight? At present, we don’t have the ability to determine an individual’s set point – bugger! It evolves throughout our lifecycle, and research estimates that most of us like to have a set point range within a window of 10-20 pounds. While we are unable to calculate our true set point, you can use this set of questi

Hi there!

Welcome to the CarolineRD blog! After considering starting a blog for ages, I’m finally taking my fear in stride and getting on with it. I’m on a special mission to save people from the depths of diet culture so I sincerely hope you’ll find the posts helpful and inspiring. From personal experience, I know just how debilitating endless dieting and body shaming can be. And, nearly everything we consume (television shows, news outlets, social media, etc.) is steeped in diet culture, perpetuating our body dissatisfaction. I want to provide an alternative perspective. I’ll be posting bi-weekly on a variety of topics that will hopefully spark some ideas for your self-care practices and help redefi

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