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5 Steps to Stop Obsessing over Food

“I hope to get to a point where food is not the center of my world.” This ^^^ is a direct quote from a client and a sentiment held by so many. Obsessing over food, constantly thinking about what we can or cannot eat, planning for the next meal, and regretting the last one is miserable and honestly exhausting. I recall a friend in high school stating, “I can’t wait until I’m hungry again” right after a particularly delicious Thai meal. She was implying that once hungry again, she could experience this pleasurable meal again. This outlook felt groundbreaking, and yet, completely unattainable for me at the time. Because I was ALWAYS hungry. I was always thinking and obsessing about food. Meals

Lessons from Shrill

In Shrill, we see how fatphobia saturates the experiences of fat people, mostly under the guise of “concern” for their health. We see how of

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