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Parsley + Mango + Spinach = LOVE

This past weekend, I was waiting in line at HEB (the main grocery store in Austin) and the gal in front of me had what I thought was a rather sad looking purchase, especially because it was around dinnertime. She had some toothpaste, paper towels, and 2 bottles of pre-packaged green juice.

In reference to the green juices, the cashier asked her, “do these taste good?” She hesitated and replied, “no, but they’re really good for you.”

GAH! So, not only was she spending $10+ on 2 non-alcoholic drinks, she didn’t even enjoy them. As an ex-dieter and ex "health-food" junkie I sympathize with what this young woman might be feeling. Pressures come at us from all directions to be thinner and more disciplined. They might even tell us to "eat clean." Goodness gracious, we're not eating dirty. Just wash yo’ damn veggies people and let the liver do its thang.

Obviously I dislike this “clean” eating trend. It's an unsustainable paradigm prohibiting anything from gluten and sugar to meat and dairy or everything and anything depending on which guru you ask. Which is why people end up living/dying off of juices and undressed organic salads.

To be quite clear, I still like my green smoothies - never been a big fan of green juices. But, I still like and eat lots of other foods too. And, maybe this lady at HEB does too (I hope so). It’s hard to tell with such a small sample size of purchases. Likewise, it's hard to tell what people eat in totality based on their social media feeds because let's be honest - we're all just posting pretty pictures on there. So be wary of trying to eat exactly like someone else.

Sometimes I know that a bagel and cream cheese will provide the most satisfying and satiating meal. Sometimes I feel that a serving of veggies will do me good, but I’m just not in the mood for roasted broccoli or doing the roasting for that matter. In these instances, I might turn to a green smoothie – the perfect vehicle for getting myself some extra veggie love on those days I’m so not into eating a salad or veggie omelet.

Even though this picture features a gorgeous green smoothie, if I do say so myself, it’s good to remember that this is a small sample size of what I’m eating. I also eat lots of other things. I happened to go for some NY style pizza after slurping up this green good in some much-needed sunshine. Being in tune with your body’s needs and wants are vital to practicing actual self-care.

Normal eating can be extremely difficult because we’ve looked to external sources for guidance and deprived our needs, which usually ends up in overeating later. So instead of doing that tea detox and juice cleanse you’ve been eyeing, opt for something healthier. AKA listening to and honoring your body when it comes to both eating and movement. Sorry Mother, but body knows best.

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